Rabbit Magic Now Accepts Credit Cards

Orders are still being accepted via Email, Phone and Fax, but now you can pay with your Visa or Mastercard (for orders over $100)!

Left AlignCheck or money order is the preferred method of payment, but now Spot the Magic Rabbit says he's happy to offer credit cards as a convenient alternative.

Rabbit Magic does not require a minimum dollar amount to order.  Whether your order is less than $100 and you pay by check or it's over $100, we're happy to help you.  All you need to do is confirm you are a qualified Magic Store or Dealer and meet the minimum quantities and you're all set!  Contact us at info@RabbitMagic.com for a complete price list.

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**New** Silk Fountains!

Align CenterWith 12 different colors of the quality silk you've become accustomed to, we are producing 18" silk fountains!  Performed to rave reviews, these silk fountains blossom beautifully in a display that packs small and plays big.  Each one is hand stitched and comes with a few surprises - multi-colored streamers flow from it!  It also comes with a design feature that allows it to be easily stolen and adds that extra pizazz to the presentation.  A Rabbit Magic exclusive designed by Michael Stroud.